Monday, January 22, 2007


It's been a while since I've drawn my face in a while...or at least I try to. Some of them I'm not very proud of. But there's a couple that I like. I played around with some of the Photoshop colors. Eventually, I'd like to get my hands on Painter sometime. When I took some of the college drawing classes, we did a bunch of self-portraits. I was never a big fan of drawing myself since I thought it was too narcistic or vein. But now I get to understand a little more about myself. However, I wouldn't draw and paint myself naked like Egon Schielles did. My ego is not big enough to. I don't know. Maybe someday when my work starts getting to the level of Paris Hilton hottness.


Scott Warren said...

I'm glad you don't do the naked Egon Schielles thing, quite frankly. I think my favorite face is the blue abstract-looking one halfway down and to the left.

jessicaLynn said...

Thanks for your comments! i REALLY like these heads!
Super cool!How is Seattle this time of year. Id love to go there someday!