Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Rotoscopin' Fun

Ok I couldn't help but post this one cuz I'm a lazy bastard and I won't get around to it. I've posted the last vid so why not put this one up as well. Here's my rotoscope animation that I did in AIS. And yes, it's another one relating to skateboarding. Hey, ya gotta have a hobby. Otherwise, people would start killing each other. Now, I know some people tend frown upon rotoscoping. They'd bitch and say, "That's just cheatin' and pure laziness!" Then I'd retaliate and ask, "Where's your rotoscope?" I'm a gamblin' man and say it'll be 9 out of 10 that they don't have one. On a serious note, rotoscoping has helped me alot on animating 2D. Sure, it's basically drawin' over live footage. But it's like an iron man match of performance and endurance. It also taught about not being too strongly attached to a frame cuz it's all about the overall animation. Otherwise, you loose patience and burn out. Most importantly, the results are fun and appreciative. I don't know about you. It's tuff to finish up somethin' you startup on. Anyways, after 4 weekends dating with Flash and the Wacom, 2 days of AfterEffects editing, and 8 Heinekin's later, this is what I got. I'm just really glad I can get something done completely. Damn it! I just realize the timing of audio is off...oh well, it's done and gotta move on with life.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Lookin' back.

Here's one of things I did when I was at the Art Institute of Seattle. This sucker took like about a week. At the time, I had two jobs where one I waited tables at Todai and the other was an animation lab tech at AIS. I remember I had to work like 30 hours at Todai and 18 hours at the lab that week. After doing my night shifts at Todai, I'd come back home to do all the frames. When I worked at the lab in the next mornings, I'd take the frames to the video capture station and screwed around with the timing of the animation. So this is how it turned out.