Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stuff I normally draw.

I try to put some drawing time almost everyday. Like at least 30 minutes. What do I normally draw? Basically whatever I can feel from an illustration or some pictures and photos from magazines I normally stare at. You know. Like that lame ass dude trying to impress that hoochie mama from everyone's favorite late night show "Blind Date". He's all, "I wanna get to know cuz I'm feeling you. Do you feel what I'm feeling? Cuz I'm feeling you..." But on the serious and predictable side, I reference and draw from various magazines and books about skateboarding, fashion, video games, any kind of art, and martial arts. I try to vary my drawing subjects. But hey, everyone's gotta have a hobby. Often, I play around with some styles in my drawings. I hate to think I'm some kind of one trick pony. Recently, I decided to look back at my old sketchbook that I start from August to like early December of last year. It brought back some memories and things that I was experiencing when I did these drawings. Anyways, here's what I liked from my last sketchbook. Enjoy.


Scott Warren said...

Cool stuff. I especially like the sequential poses of the skater.

Eli said...

I’m totally feeling these drawings. Roger Lodge would approve.

Daria said...

People should read this.