Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Recent drawings

This one's probably the most surreal drawings I've done.
Seriously when I was at the Kenmore Lanes bowling alley, there was this anime nerd dressed up in this cheesey Raiden getup. No Asian person ever wears those things unless they get payed to do a role in a movie or farming.

Gotta love skate sequences.


Scott Warren said...

That Lobster looks like Slash. Cool stuff.

Maki said...

I realy like your skateboard sketches!!
Lots of life and energy which is super fun to look at. Great stuff!

Jawn Lim said...

Nice work on the skateboarders! I know it is tough to capture these sidewalk surfing dudes in motion. There is a lot of character in the angles you picked show their battle with gravity... like how their hair flies!!! I used to skateboard but a truck ran over my deck. Keep 'em cool sketches coming!

Eli Heuer said...

I will buy the drawing on the top from you. Sooo good.

joonasjoonas said...

nice sequences